How To Get Back To Hotel Wifi Login Page

How to Force a Public Wi-Fi Network Login Page to Open

How To Get Back To Hotel Wifi Login Page

Posted by Bressan Alexandre on Sunday, 16 February, 2020 08:00:06

Hi there, Lydia from Cucumber Tony WiFi here. Quora User is right about the commercial grade kit. It will make setting up a splash page much easier. Some lower grade kit won't have the feature set to create a welcome page and captive portal, and

How to get back to hotel wifi log in page? I'm currently staying at a hotel and when I first connected to the wifi, I was redirected to a standard sign in page where I had to put in my name and code they gave me at the front desk. What might happen is the login expires the next day, or at

So i logged into the WiFi network. It started up the login screen in which i could choose the free internet. Then i realised that it was pretty slow and we had acces to the fast network. The problem is, how do i get back into the hotels wifi login screen to use the fast network?

Asking for my wife. We finally made it to Italy.My wife is using a research library in Rome. She was able to connect to their wireless network without a problem on her iPhone 5S, including entering the username and password they gave her on the login web page (you know, one of those web pages that comes up and you have to click through to agree to terms and conditions).

WiFi on, went to WiFi in settings, saw hotel listed, clicked on it, said it connected. Then I went to IC+ and the proprietary hotel page came up. I accepted , and then did get to log into mail for a few minutes. When I came back to my tablet after it had gone to sleep, I couldn't connect again.

Connected to Hotel WiFi but Unable to Get Login Splash Screen? Here's How to Fix It! There's a reason why some people can't connect to hotel WiFi. This usually happens when they're using devices that are not computers, nor smartphones.