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Plasma Stuck On Login

Posted by Bresett Aldrick on Monday, 17 February, 2020 10:16:08

Plasma 5.11.0 stuck on splash screen I have Neon User Edition running on my old netbook (Atom CPU, integrated Intel graphics + dedicated Nvidia chip I do not use). I have upgraded the hardware since I bought it, so there is plenty of free SSD space and more than enough RAM.

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Stuck at KDE login screen The upgrade(as i would call it) went smoothly but for my kde. Now when i try to login(kdm), the screen goes black for a second and just returns back to the login screen.

Cannot use pc, it is stuck on log in screen and have no idea how to bypass or fix it. I had been using KDE Plasma for 1 year and I still can't believe its free. Its by far better and more customizable than Winshit, We are a 1% lucky people to use such a great DE. I can't wait, when I grow up

Hi guys, Just picked up a PCM-750i from a friend, made in 1997, in good condition, other than the fact that it is stuck in the "ON" mode. I haven't powered it up yet but my friend has been using it like this for a while. When you turn on the main breaker switch on the back of the machine, it fires up and is ready to go without pushing the torch button, air turns on and as soon as it gets close

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